Baby, When You Kiss Me…

Siegfred Madeghe
2 min readMar 16, 2021


Picture by Siegfred, published with permission from the people in it.

Baby, when you kiss me, everything becomes clear. It becomes clear that you love me. And that is the time when my heart craves for our world; that is when my eyes can’t stop closing, for seeing you in my mind is what I long for. And to feel your beautiful world is what I am ready to die for.

Baby, when you embrace me, everything in me stands still. The touch of your hands demands my attention — goosebumps emerge to obey your mighty power. The strength of your arms gives me assurance that you will always be there for me — to protect me, to love me, and to lift me up whenever I am down.

Baby, when you breathe on me, everything becomes numb because what I need is to ‘taste’ the sweetness of your warm breath. The rhythm of your breath tells all about what your heart has in store for me. Because the beating of your heart is music to my soul; my spirit is dancing to celebrate your majestic love.

Baby, when you talk to me, everything in my world changes. Your touchy, wise words are like a garment, clothing my soul exquisitely. The sweetness of your wisdom is like honey, enriching my mind majestically. The politeness of your voice is like the calming sound from King David’s harp, humbling my spirit like a lamb in the wilderness. For you are my shepherd, what would I do without you?

Baby, when you incline your ear to listen to me, everything troubling my heart vanishes. Your attention to my affairs is like that of a victorious king when protecting his lovely kingdom. Your provision to my needs is like that of a queen bee in the beehive. She is the mother of all bees, catering for their needs, just like how you cater for mine.

Baby, when you hold my hand, everything about the strength of my soul kindles. The warmth of your palm warms my heart; the soft grip of your fingers tickles my ‘soul.’ The splendiferous cuddles from your thumb soothe my spirit, making my soul merry and my smile infectious. What is more precious than a cheerful soul? The happy soul that awakens dry bones and replenishes a rotting flesh?

Baby, you now know. You now know when and how. You now know when to make me your slave and how to free me from your bondage.

To love you, I live!



Siegfred Madeghe

Believer of God through Jesus Christ | Computer Engineer | Pan-Africanist, Relativist, and Socratic