You Are My Rose, Baby!

Siegfred Madeghe
2 min readMay 13, 2022


Credit: Photo by tommi333 on flickr

You, my love, you are a rose
You are a flower of love
An emblem of romance
Beautifying my hidden garden
Of which I am most attentive

You are like the four seasons
In the summer, you are my breeze
In the fall, you are like the singing birds, calming my troubled soul
In the winter, my warmth
And in the spring, my rain — raining on me the shower of love, wetting my dry spirit

When I saw you for the first time, I was naïve
My mind was taken afar by the glamor of your beauty
Only hearing Alicia playing the keys
This girl is on fire
The fire that consumed me wholly
And that’s when I couldn’t hold it…
Just like a bee, your beauty allured me, making me eager for your sweet love
The love that I have always adored

Adorable is a perfect description of how well you handle yourself
Even before my stupidity, characterized by my taste in logic, you remain firm
My mouth says the hurtful, you give me the loving
My actions portray the uncaring, you give me an outflowing affection
Now, in my crazy mind, you are the tormentor, knowing how to roll my heart like a fair dice

Stupid, you say, is what describes me
Stupid, I say, is what I am
But who knows the heart of a man?
The one who is crazily in love and stupidly smart?

Yeah, one thing remains true of your beautiful ‘dining’
Where you are the ‘appetizer’ and main ‘dish’
“What will you start with,” you say
“The cook or the cooked,” you assert
There is where I get the dilemma between your mouth-watering coconut rice or your delicious ‘papaya’

The softness of your ‘peach’ is evocative, my love
It’s jiggly and mind-blowing
Soft and warm in touch
Its sight, I’ll forever look at
Its mighty curves, I’ll always be a sucker for.
And my hands crave it
My soul is dying for it

Oh, you, my precious baby, why doing the hurtful?
The ‘hurtful’ that keeps my mind thinking about your magnificent paradise?
That paradise whose dripping I long for
And its tightness dream of?
You are in my mind
My soul
And my spirit
You, my beautiful rose
You are the queen of my intimate garden



Siegfred Madeghe

Believer of God through Jesus Christ | Computer Engineer | Pan-Africanist, Relativist, and Socratic